Our History

George Sherlock started his business in the mid 1960s with his shop in the Kings road selling antiques. It was in the Mid 1970s that he decided to make furniture, when one of the big sellers was Sofa and Chairs by people Like Howard & Son, Holland & Son, Gillows, Which have been manufactured in London since the early 19th century.

There wasn’t it seemed enough to go around so having realised that there was a gap in the market if these companies were the  Rolls Royce of the furniture manufactures there was room for a Jaguar. The first chairs which George Sherlock had made were in calico which clients could live with or recover with different fabrics.

Since the late 70s we have shipped thousands of chairs and sofas from our workshop to points from Margate to Sydney, Hong Kong to San Francisco, New York to Paris and Bora Bora to Dublin.

During the time that we have been going we have dealt with many leading National and International decorators, dealers and designers.

Having been in London for many years it was with sadness that we had to leave the area when the premises was sold, and bring every thing down to our workshop in Broadstairs.

There are over 30 different Pieces in our range of furniture which we are adding to each year now, with some special limited editions.